105年11月11日星期五 PM 14:20~17:00
C-01 0006 利用液相沉積法製備二氧化鈦緻密層應用於氧化鋅奈米柱染料敏化太陽電池
C-02 0014 氮化製程對分子束磊晶法成長氮化銦量子點之探討
C-03 0026 氮化矽薄膜摻雜稀土元素之單晶結晶矽太陽能電池研究
C-04 0031 覆晶銲錫與銅金屬墊間之電遷移效應
C-05 0037 Investigations on Microstructures and Dielectric Properties of Zn2SnO4 Thin Films by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering in Argon Atmosphere
C-06 0045 Preparing ohmic behavior of three-dimensional ITO contact to p-GaN
C-07 0050 Characterization of ZnO Nanorod Film by Ultraviolet Assisted Aqueous Solution Deposition
C-08 0061 A mesoporous CuAlO2 hole transport layer for perovskite
C-09 0062 P-type Cu2O modified by NiOx as a photocathode for efficient H2 production in photoelectrochemical water splitting
C-10 0076 電化學沉積氧化亞銅薄膜及沉積後退火之影響
C-11 0079 探討氧化鋅摻雜鋁(Aluminum-doped ZnO, AZO)/鉻(Chromium)/氧化鋅摻雜鋁(Aluminum-doped ZnO, AZO)之多層透明導電薄膜於不同鉻層厚度之結構及光電特性影響
C-12 0080 熱退火處理對氧化亞銅薄膜物理性質之影響
C-13 0082 Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of BiFeO¬3 Thin Films Using a Two-Step Hydrothermal Method
C-14 0083 "鉑-氧化鎢之氫氣感測器研究
C-15 0086 Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of ZnSnN2 Nanostructure by Sputtered Process
C-16 0087 Fabrication of Piezophotocatalytic 2D Graphitic Carbon Nitride
C-17 0088 Barrierless Metallization for Copper Alloy Seed Layer Applications
C-18 0094 Characterization of ZnO Nanorod Film Grown by Ultraviolet Assisted Aqueous Solution Deposition
C-19 0095 以金屬有機化學氣相沉積製備氮化鎵/氮化銦/氮化銦鎵之製程模擬與反應動力學研究
C-20 0097 不同工作壓力合成奈米晶鑽石薄膜應用於紫外光感測器響應之研究
C-21 0099 Natural pigments on a ZrO2 nanoparticle layer for a photocatalytic hydrogen generation from water splitting
C-22 0112 GZO/Ni/GZO結構薄膜的光電特性探討
C-23 0116 Thermal Stability of Low Resistance Transparent TiOx/Ag/WO3 Multilayer Films by E-Beam Evaporation
C-24 0117 Alkaline Water Pre-Clean for Atomic Layer Deposition Al2O3 Film
C-25 0119 Electrical Properties Investigation of Photocatalytic TiO2-Y2O3 Nanorod Composite Library
C-26 0122 Atomic ordering in InAsP metamorphic buffers grown on InP
C-27 0130 Optical properties of MgZnO thin films with various Mg content
C-28 0134 非水溶液電解液環境製備銅錳合金薄膜之製程開發與探討
C-29 0147 Si基板上氮化SiO2形成之結晶Si3N4
C-30 0149 Influence of chemical composition on structure and optoelectronic properties of Cu–Cr–O thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
C-31 0151 退火效應對Ta-Mo互溶合金閘極熱穩定性的影響
C-32 0160 非平衡磁控濺鍍法控制不同氮氣流量製備低電阻率氮化鈦薄膜之研究